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The following professional regulations apply to our activities:



  • German Auditors’ Ordinance
  • Auditors’ Ordinance Law Amendement
  • Professional statutes for auditors and certified accountants
  • Statutes for quality control
  • Seal order
  • Auditor Liability Insurance Code

The regulations mentioned above can be found on the website of the German chamber of auditors:


Tax consultants

  • Tax consulting law
  • Implementation requirements for the tax consultant law
  • Tax Advisor Fee Ordinance
  • Chamber of Tax Consultants

The regulations mentioned above can be found on the website of the German Chamber of Tax Consultants:

The consulting services we offer are provided by auditors and tax consultants who have been awarded the professional title in Germany and approved by the Chamber of Tax Consultants in Stuttgart, Nordbaden, Niedersachsen, Munich or the Chmaber of Auditors.

Professional regulations

  • Tax Advisory Act
  • Implementing Regulation to the Tax Consultancy Act
  • Occupational Regulations Tax Advisors
  • Tax Advisory Council Regulation
  • Federal Lawyers' Office
  • Regulations for lawyers
  • Lawyers' Office
  • Bundesgebührenordnung for lawyers
  • Wirtschaftsprüferordnung
  • and professional statutes of the auditors.


(Chamber of Tax Consultants)

Hegelstraße 33, 70174 Stuttgart, Germany

Vangerowstraße 16/1, 69115 Heidelber, Germany


(Chamber of Auditors)

Rauchstraße 26, 10787 Berlin, Germany



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