Going new ways


Karl-Friedrich Kaupp and Frank Krebok founded the tax consultancy firm Kaupp, Krebok & Partner GbR with branches in Stuttgart, Mannheim and Hannover in 1995.



Since 1998 we have been operating as a tax consultancy and auditing firm. Our branches are located in Stuttgart and Mannheim. We have a close cooperation with Kaupp Krebok & Partner Steuerberatungsgesellschaft mbB, Hannover, and with Kaupp, Beyer & Coll. Wirtschaftspr├╝fungsgesellschaft mbH, Stuttgart.

Over the past years, our law firm has prepared and supported comprehensively a variety of corporate transactions, including several exchanges.

Our long-term advisory strategy has helped lead these transactions to success. We were also able to assist in realizing several large-scale real estate investment projects.


In addition, we have been a competent and reliable partner for international companies in Germany and abroad for many years.